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Cabala Red String Bracelet with Hamsa

Cabala Red String Bracelet with Hamsa

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Close Cabala Red String Bracelet with Hamsa
List Price: $39.99

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6.0 - for Kids
6.5 - Small Wrist
7.00 - for Small Wrist
7.5 - Popular Size
8.0 - for Men
Pouch ($1.50 ea):
White Jewelry Box ($3.99):

Exclusive Design, property of Soft Cabala Red String Bracelet with a charming sterling silver Hamsa Hand charm. It is adjustable to any wrist thru 2 sliding knots. Why to wear this bracelet?. Because it has the power of the red string and of the evil eye.
Interesting Facts about this amulet.
Also known as the Hand of Fatima and Hand of Miriam, the hamsa hand is an old and popular amulet for magical protection from the evil eye. The word hamsa means five and refers to the digits on the hands. Amulets of the hamsa hand appear in both two-thumbed and the natural one-thumb form. The downward pointed hamsa refers to an ancient Middle Eastern goddess whose hand wards off the evil eye.